General-purpose server

Diana is a general-purpose server maintained by HackSoc to host miscellaneous applications for our members. Accounts with these applications (where applicable) are available to all paid members unless otherwise noted.

TheLounge – web-based IRC client

TheLounge is an IRC client that works on desktop and mobile, for those who don't want to use WeeChat or irssi (or want a good client for Android/iOS). Its interface is familiar if you've used Slack or Discord, and has a number of neat features including image previews, emoji pickers for desktop, and push notifications for mentions. While it does have some scrollback support, we'd recommend using ZNC on [runciman] to keep up-to-date with channels while you're away.
You can access TheLounge at Message your infrastructure officer for an account.


This server is hosted on the University of York campus. As such, it is bound by the following legal statements.